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Our Approach

Building teams and creating value

NewBridge is a team of dedicated entrepreneurs with operational exerience a global perspective on business development

We invest in founder teams, and see early stage investors as playing an active role in a new venture’s success.  NewBridge spans the gap between university research and commercial execution, with a particular focus on securing intellectual property rights and assembling core development teams with the right amount of funding and support resources.

Challenge | Accepted

New ventures break old norms

NewBridge looks for talented teams with defensible technologies that have a sizable global market opportunity.  We invest in both  computational sciences and life sciences, with particular interest in cross-over technologies that have the chance to disrupt existing markets.

University sourced innovation requires a range of technical skills, a strong academic network, and a long-term investment horizon that only an entrepreneurial family office can provide.
— Kiera Clayton, PhD - Founder of Revela Biotech
Our Philosophy

Core Principles


Talented Team

NewBridge invests in people. We look for teams consisting of talented individuals who have key skills and a proven track record of working together.  New venture development is not easy, and teams must be robust and persistent.


Disruptive Technology

We are entreprenurs … with the scars to prove it. NewBridge backs companies with defensible technologies that have global intellectual property protection.  This ensures strategic commercialization even in the face of existing competitors.


Global Markets

We hunt elephants, not deer.  A truly transformative company with a disruptive technology must start with an international vision of competitive execution.  NewBridge leverages our team’s broad experience in building global markets.


... did we mention Team?

Technologies may fail, but the team responds with a new fix. Markets may shift, but it is the team that builds a better strategy.  With NewBridge as part of the team, we share in the risk as well as the responsibility of reaching success.

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